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The IELTS Prep-course at BITTS International Career College is designed to offer comprehensive training to the students aiming to take the Academic and General Training IELTS Exam. The course structure has been planned effectively by the highly skilled faculty at the College to suit myriad needs of different students. The course structure is goal driven aiming to empower students with different techniques and strategies to be able to attempt all the modules of the IELTS Exam with abundant confidence. Both the course structure as well as the teaching staff takes into consideration the diverse needs of the students to be able to use the English language with great potential in order to achieve a great score. Continuous assessment, innovative teaching practices, positive and goal-oriented feedback, ample practice assignments and carefully designed mock-tests lay the foundation for a stress-free preparation for the exam. As opposed to regular and conventional teaching practices, BITTS International Career College constantly tailors its pedagogy and methodology to maximize its usefulness and efficiency for the students.

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Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to the IELTS test: Familiarizing students with the structure of the Exam; understanding time management and the four different modules of the Exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
  • Classes in Grammar: It is important for the students to be able to display usage of accurate linguistic and grammatical structures during the different components of the Exam.
  • Practicing Listening section: Tips and tricks to become good listeners.
  • Practicing Reading section: Strategies and techniques to get maximum correct answers within the time limit.
  • Practicing Writing section: Learning ways to write precisely, accurately and coherently; be it Writing task 1 or 2, in the Academic or the General Training Format.
  • Practicing Speaking Test: Enabling students to be able to speak at length for different task-types.
  • Vocabulary Sessions: Building effective and practical vocabulary suitable for different task-types.
  • Brainstorming ideas for Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 2.
  • Multiple practice Assignments for in-class and homework to improve the potential of the students.
  • A realistic Mock test: To enable students to understand both the Test environment as well as equipment.
  • Career opportunities

    The course structure is planned by highly skilled trainers and staff, taking into consideration the different needs of the student towards acquiring the proficiency and competence of the English, necessary to be able to attempt the different modules of the IELTS Exam with infinite confidence.