Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

February 24, 2018
25 Hours
$ 550 ( $450 if in a group setting )


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Public speaking is a required skill to go ahead in your career. This course teaches important aspects of communication. It guides students through proven steps to enhance the effectiveness of their speech. It will enable students to employ communication techniques that appeal to the senses and experiences of their audience.Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to effectively plan, structure, and organize technical information for presentation to various audiences, employ communication techniques that appeal to the senses and experiences of his/her audience, demonstrate the value of the guidelines that this subject provides, understand and follow the concepts of culture, usability, and strategic planning in the presentation of professional-related documents, present the results of studies/investigations accurately and reliably in a presentation or seminar format, listen and contribute effectively in group discussions and other team activities and also plan and deliver presentations, using audio-visual support.

Course Outline

  1. Public Speaking Overview
  2. Ethics & Audience Analysis
  3. Delivery and Communication Anxiety
  4. Listening
  5. Selecting a Topic, Purpose and Central Idea
  6. Gathering Support Materials
  7. Organization and Strategic Message Design
  8. Persuasive Speaking
  9. Visual Aids
  10. Group Communication

Public speaking and presentation skills