Pre-Medical Foundation Course

A full time course substituting your 4 years undergrad degree providing a University Pathway to our partner universities.

May 8, 2018
68 Weeks


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Foundation , Healthcare

A Pre-Medical Foundation Course which meets most of the course credit requirements of MCAT based Medical Schools based in Caribbean. Our University Pathway Articulation agreement with multiple universities help in taking your career forward in medical schools. Please attend the bi-weekly seminar at our campus to understand the different steps.

Semester 1 General Biology I General Chemistry I Pre Calculus English I
Semester 2 General Biology II General Chemistry II Calculus English II
Semester 3 Histology & Cell Biology Organic Chemistry I General Physics I Psychology
Semester 4 Anatomy & Physiology Organic Chemistry II General Physics II Ethics and Medical Terminology

This program is specifically developed to get students time to study for the impending Medical Studies at the Universities of their choice who accept these credits as a substitute to providing MCAT scores. The course requires you to have a science background out of High School.

Intensive course which leads to a time saving of 2.5 years with our partner universities in Carribean.