Food Handler Certification

FOOD Handler Certification for entry into Food Industry

March 3, 2018
6 hours


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Certification , Nutrition

Course Details:

  1. Safe Food Handling
  2. Personal Hygiene
  3. Time & Temperature Controls
  4. Proper Use of a Thermometer
  5. Allergies and Allergens
  6. Proper Food Storage
  7. Cooking & Cooling Foods
  8. House keeping and Sanitation
  9. Growth of Micro-organisms
  10. Introduction to HACCP

Career Prospects:

After finishing the course student will be able to enter any food industry related job.


A Canadian high school diploma or equivalent strong communication and organizational skills.

Food handler Certification course is designed by the expert trainers to guide the food service employees to work in the safest way. Food handlers learn about public health legislation, the role of the public health inspector, food borne illness, safe food handling methods and food premises sanitation. The information allows the food handler to successfully complete the examination to obtain a food handler certificate meeting the Ontario Ministry of Health's food handling training protocol and also the City of Toronto's requirement for mandatory certification of food handlers. More importantly, the information assists the food handler in storing, preparing, cooking and serving safe to eat food.