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LifeSkills Matrix

BITTS is a private career college that focuses on improvement in the quality of life for all its students. We are in the business of building careers but along with building careers we help our students build a way of life. We provide them with life skills and tools that help them attain freedom in terms of money, time and choices.

To demonstrate and put into numbers, our dedication to bring about a marked improvement in the overall life experience of students we have developed a life-skills matrix. This matrix is a tool to help students assess, develop and monitor the skills their courses will aim to provide. Each course is graded and provided with an optimal life-skills score. The system of analysis we have developed, following strict standards and rigorous guidelines. This is a transparent method of evaluating the value added to the life of a student by enrolling in one of our carefully crafted courses. We deliver education that quantifies the improvements it aims to achieve.

A student scores themselves on the day of enrollment and take that as a baseline to measure value added and return on the investment they undertaken in terms of education and professional development.

Each index has a rating from 1 to 10 where 1 is the least relevant and 10 is the highest.

Wealth Creation

Job Creation:

How quickly after completion of course can a student expect to be employed in their field of work.

Salary Growth:

By how much can the student expect their salary to increase.


Measures the longevity of the position they acquire, i.e. how long can they expect to be in the same

Position and how soon can they expect a promotion

Core Skills Development


Developing language skills that can be used in line of work

Logic and Reasoning:

Skills required to assess data provided to student in line of work

Critical Thinking:

Developing decision making skills


Developing science, technology, engineering and math related skills that may be used in line of work


The application of skills acquired in one fields to other related fields

Environmental Prerogative


The ability to ascertain the environmental impact of activities undertaken


The knowledge required to perform tasks required in line of work and in personal life to help in

conservation of environment


The knowledge of how activities are linked to environmental impact

Cognizance Measure

Self worth:

The recognition of one’s role and value in life and deriving a sense of purpose from it.


The ability to present a strong and well-polished image in the professional world and to carry oneself

with a degree of assurance born out of belief in and knowledge of one’s abilities

Position in the Universe:

The recognition of what roles one is fulfilling; be it that of an employee, a mother, father, sister, brother,

Friend, colleague, supervisor, resident of a country, citizen of a country, citizen of the world and inhabitant of the planet

Social Prominence

Interpersonal skills:

How one is able to interact with other human beings and convey messages in an effective and convincing manner

Public speaking:

The ability to present one’s ideas and work in various types of public settings


The ability to take responsibility and handle associated authority in an effective manner


The ability to make the life of others related to one a little easier. The ability to recognize needs and fulfill them in an effective manner