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IELTS preparatory

A Simple Guide to Succeed in IELTS

The IELTS test result is given to all the applicants with a score from band 1 to band 9. Each band possesses the level from the beginner to proficient.

There are two modules of the IELTS:

Academic Module and General Training Module
Either you choose Academic or General, you need to give it in four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
Listening: 30 minutes + 10 minutes to transfer the answer in the answer sheet
Reading: 60 minutes
Writing: 60 minutes
Speaking: 11-15 minutes
The Listening and Speaking Module is the same for both Academic and General while Reading and Writing modules is different for both Academic and General.


How to crack the IELTS Listening section

IELTS Listening module consists of four sections, with ten questions in each section. Before the recording begins, you will have some time to read the questions. Each section is heard only once.

1. Be a Multitasker

Being a multitasker means, you must be able to read the questions, listen to the audio and at the same time write down the answer.

2. Be Careful

You need to be careful about the instructions. For example, “No more than two words” or “Just a number”, so you need to be specific about the answer.

3. Keep Focused

Sometimes recording might be a tricky and you will hear extra information, specifically in Multiple Choice Question. So you only need to focus on the answer.

4. Concentrate

Sometimes, If you miss the answer, jump on the next questions. So try to concentrate because 30 minute is really difficult to actively listen to the answers.

5. Do check Spelling and Grammar.

If your spelling is incorrect, you can lose the marks. So focus on the Spelling and Grammar on the last 10 minutes, while transferring the answers to the answer sheet.

How to crack the IELTS Reading section

IELTS Reading module consists of three sections which have various types of questions, such as multiple choice, short-answer, labeling diagrams, identifying information, matching information/headings.

1. Be careful

You need to read instructions very carefully because sometimes you need to use your own vocabulary and sometimes you need to find the answer from the text.

2. Be a good and quick reader

That means that you need to read a paragraph in 1-3 minutes and understand an idea. You need to scan it quickly and find relevant information for the answer.

3. Do not panic

Even if you do not know the meaning of the word, try to understand the sentence structure and match the answer.

4. Focus on the keywords

Each question will have the keywords which you can use to match or find the answer from the passage.

5. Do check Spelling and Grammar

Some of the question types such as summary completion or sentence completion requires to answer in a sentence so you need to write spelling correctly and use correct grammar.

How to crack the IELTS Writing section

IELTS Writing module consists of two sections which are different for Academic and General test. Section 1 for the Academic test requires to describe a table, chart, graph, diagram in 150 words in 20 minutes, while Section 1 for the General test requires to write a letter for a given situation in 150 words. Section 2 is the same for both versions which require you to write at least 250 words in around 40 minutes.

1. Know about the structure

You need to know the structure of the essay. You need to divide the paragraph properly according to the basic structure.

2. Write clearly

You need to write according to the topic is being given. Do not try to copy the topic or question. Do not repeat the sentence.

3. Be careful about the question

Most common mistake people usually do is misunderstand the question. So study the question carefully and plan to write about the keywords related to the topic/question.

4. Do practice

In writing, this tip is most essential. Try to do write properly, organized and on time before the exam. Check your writing from someone and learn from the mistake.

5. Do check spelling and Grammar

You can lose points if your spelling is incorrect. Practice on spelling and grammar.

How to crack the IELTS Speaking section

IELTS Speaking module consists of three section which consists of an introduction and interview, Long talk and discussions face to face with the examiner.

1. Be Confident

You need to be confident to answer fluently. It is conversation type talk so do not be nervous. You need to need to be open and friendly.

2. Be Direct

Do not take too much time to think answers. Carefully listen to the questions and answer it directly.

3. Keep Talking

Do not stop speaking until the examiner stops you. Add more and relevant information on the answers/topics.