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Food industry directly employs more than 270,000 people in Canada and bags almost $100 billion in annual sales. With brawling sales in restaurants, demand for skilled and certified food service worker is growing every day.

Bitts Program

Food Handlers Certification Course

Bitts has been providing quality education through practical skills to numerous students willing to pursue career in food service industry. Ontario has food safety guidelines, therefore we outlined the course to provide the best knowledge practices. Our advanced course structure is designed in such a way that students are educated in areas such as sanitation, nutrition & health, roles and responsibilities and medical emergencies. 280 hours of classroom lesson and 120 hours of work placement, we bring out the best of the best food service workers to the Canadian market.

We help our students in every step of their studies. Apart from the traditional academic support, we guide our students in finding a career. All member of our staffs and academics are always ready to help you with job search, resume, cover letter and career development.

If you are looking for help to prepare for your food handler certification, we have a short course available to help you accomplish it. Moreover, we are offering diploma course as food service worker if you want to build your career in food industry.

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