Student life @BITTS, Brampton is an experience in itself. Involvement is the key word. That’s why we believe in teamwork rather than just taking care of your scores or assignments. @BITTS, you’ll feel excited to face tomorrow than ever. The staff and the faculty put a real effort into the way students learn and the little ways in which this educational experience can expand the student’s worldview. The effort takes the form of award ceremonies, free workshop passes, conversation circles, and events and celebrations. We make sure that both Domestic and international students enjoy every opportunity that comes their way, even if it’s not your field of study. Exposure is the key here @BITTS, we want our students to become accustomed to and ingrained in their work surroundings while they gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice in their concerned fields. Past students have commended the efforts put into helping them take advantage of the time they spent here. Apart from industry specific knowledge, BITTS helps students develop their communication skills under the leadership of mentors. BITTS has a mentorship program that pairs a new student with a mentor to help guide them through the process of learning which can be daunting for new entrants into the Canadian job market. The mentorship program helps develop an atmosphere of constant exchange and dynamic learning with constant checks and balances along with the benefit of a safety net. It helps students assess of how far others have come on their learning path. We firmly believe that there’s more to learning than textbooks. Therefore we @BITTS hail college life as an opportunity to prepare the minds of tomorrow, by adding the flavor of experience, confidence, self-knowledge, awareness and adapting capabilities to their working style. This makes it easier for our students to integrate into the job market more easily, giving them an edge above the rest. Our goal is not only to help our students find gainful employment but to keep growing once they have found it. We welcome all our students with open arms and wider smiles, and we send them off into the world as polished, self-confident and knowledgeable individuals.