About Us

Be Infinite at BITTS

BITTS believes that every individual is born with an Infinite potential to succeed. We just show you the right way and help you gain the right knowledge to realize that potential. We make distinctive contribution to society in research, learning, teaching and engagement. Its consistently ranked among the leading universities in the world.
At the college, you’ll gain an internationally recognized diploma and certificate that will open doors to an outstanding future, student-focused learning and industry engagement.


Since 2002 the college has been expanding and reacting to the requirements of the present economy for students of all ages.


Registered with Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in Ontario as a Private Career College since 2007, the College provides Diploma and Certification courses at all its campuses.


BITTS is the only Ontario Private Career College with a Research and Development division which works on internal as well as Research Projects for Industries from all over the world.

Community Engagement

BITTS provides free education in English and Computers to its local Senior community by providing access to our labs and teachers.

Employment Support

Getting employed is a necessary function of every course taught at BITTS.

Why Canada

Canada is a safe, welcoming, opening minded and competitive country in the world stage.