Campus Safety

The department of campus safety has been set up to ensure safe and secure environment in the campus in compliance with the provincial, federal and local laws.


The department of campus safety at BITTS envision community-oriented campus safety programs to provide a safe campus and community to its people.


The Campus Safety Department is dedicated to following:

  • To establish decorum of the campus.
  • Every person must feel safe within the campus area.
  • Every individual must be treated with trust and respect.
  • Peace and harmony is well-maintained.
  • To ensure high quality services are enjoyed by the students.
  • There is no place for discrimination (based on cast, creed, color, race or gender etc.) of any kind at BITTS.

BITTS Campus Safety Department is an integral part of BITTS International Career College and BITTS Testing.

BITTS Testing Center has an inside waiting areas which adds to the safe environment of the campus.


Campus safety volunteer program involves around the volunteer participation of students to safeguard the campus. They are provided training about policies and procedures to enable them handle minor day to day concerns of newer students.


The department of campus safety works along side local law enforcement agencies for training programs and smooth law enforcements.