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Phlebotomy – The backbone of the Laboratory

Phlebotomy, which dates back to the age of ancient Greece, has gained experience through the evolution of medicine becoming a fundamental diagnostic tool. Nowadays it connects the patient with the clinical laboratory dimension building up a bridge. Phlebotomy is about more than just the venipuncture technique. It also involves the interior design...

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High Demand for Personal Support Workers

The trend has been changing towards all aging people as they want to live independently in there home instead of nursing home. This desire by high number of people increase the opportunities for the demand for personal support worker in the Canada. Those who choose to pursue a personal support worker (PSW) career path are typically warm individu...

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Resume Writing Help

One day workshop conducted in professional skills; resume writing, cover letter and job search techniques. This workshop is held every month based on demand. Please contact the office to setup your schedule.

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