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Income Tax- Personal

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Course Attributes

  • Course Code: IP
  • Course Type Short Courses
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Languages: English
  • Class Days: Weekdays & Weekends
  • Mode: Full Time and Part Time
  • International Students: YES
  • Start Dates: Open Enrollment

The best person to assess your taxes is yourself with full tax knowledge. This course prepares students to understand the Canadian Personal Taxation System and its filing requirements.

Career Prospects
After Successfully finishing the course student will able to file tax returns for themselves and for other Canadians.

Admission Requirements
• High School Diploma or Equivalent
• Age must be 18 years or above
• English Proficiency

☑ Tax filing Requirements- Residents and Deemed Residents, Partial Residents
☑ Gross income, Net Income and Taxable Income
☑ Deductions
☑ Non-refundable credits and Allowances
☑ Tax Schedules required filing a tax return.
☑ Practice on T1 Computerized returns
☑ Practice cases to file the return with Employment Income, Business Income and Rental Income, Capital gains and losses, RRSP, Donations, Tuition fee etc.