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Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading provider of first aid, water safety, health and wellness programs and has been offering training to Canadians for over 70 years. We offer a wide variety of courses for the public, workplaces, schools and organizations.

food handling course bitts

Food Handler Certificate

You Need “Food Handler Certificate”, if you work in a Restaurant, Daycare, Hotel, Nursery, Café, Banquet Hall, School or anywhere else where food is prepared or served. Get Guaranteed Certificate in one day which is accepted by all Government & Health authorities across Canada.

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Skill Certifications

Prepare yourself for specific certifications at BITTS!
BITTS International Career College is proceeding its 18 years of success and offering certification courses such as red-cross, food handler and necessary computer skills. The certifications as well as skills will enhance career opportunities. Considering everyone, we provide flexibility in delivering sessions either online or in-person. Moreover, diploma courses are available for Winter 2021 term. Enroll Today!