Copyright Policy – Bitts

Our copyright policy is in conformity with the Copyright Act and Private License agreements.

Bitts respects the copyright laws established by the government relating to the use of copyrighted material and intellectual property rights.

Our students, faculty and personnel are subject to all the privileges and obligations marked for them in the Copyright Act. All members of our college community are responsible for  educating themselves about the copyright laws, relevant license and agreements liable to Bitts. All members must comply with copyright guidelines if they copy any material for college work. However, under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act, materials can be reproduced for the purpose of education, research and news.

Any reproduction of copyright material in any form is prohibited under the copyright laws unless permitted by the copyright holder.

Employees who fail to comply with our copyright policy are entitled to legal or disciplinary actions as applicable according to the Copyright Act.

All the documents such as employment offer letters, company contracts, and all the agreements must be in conformity with the guidelines mentioned in our Copyright policy and Canadian Copyright law.

The copyright consultant in the administration department is responsible for collection and maintenance of original records for the documents which are permitted to be copied/reproduced.