Beginning Android Programming With Android Studio

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Information Technology
39 Hours

The Beginning Android Programming With Android Studio course is designed for Android developers who want to start developing applications using Google’s Android SDK. The Android Programming course covers the necessary topics to help you understand the underlying architecture of the SDK, and to appreciate why things are done in certain ways.

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A gateway into any profession and one of most important positions in an Organization.

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Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency

Course structure and modules

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Android Programming
  • Using Android Studio for Android Development
  • Activities, Fragments, and Intents
  • Getting to Know the Android User Interface
  • Designing Your User Interface with Views
  • Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views
  • Data Persistence
  • Content Providers
  • Messaging
  • Location-Based Services
  • Networking
  • Developing Android Services
  • Video Tutorials

Career opportunities

  • Android Application Developer