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Citizenship is a crowning milestone in the Canadian life journey. To help you realize your Canadian dream, we have painstakingly formulated our Canadian Citizenship Prep Course. The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada administers the citizenship of Canada Test. All applicants for citizenship who are between 14 and 64 age and who meet the basic requirements for citizenship require to pass this test. Our course aims at making sure that you know all aspects of the test and are fully prepared.

Canadian Citizenship

Prepare yourself for Citizenship test with BITTS!

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Entry requirements

  • Eligible for Citizenship
  • Age must be between 18 years and 64 years
  • English Proficiency

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Course structure and modules

  • Canadian History
  • Canadian Values, Society and Culture
  • Canadian Institutions and Values
  • Canadian Symbols
  • Canadian Citizen Rights
  • Canadian Citizen Responsibilities
  • Canadian Government and Elections
  • Physical and Political Geography
  • Mock test

Career opportunities

This course unlocks door to Canadian Citizenship which eventually opens a plethora of travel, career, and life changing opportunities.