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Information Technology
25 Hours

Gain hands-on experience to pass the 1D0-61C certification exam with the CIW: Network Technology Associate course and lab. The lab is cloud-based, device-enabled, and can be easily integrated with an LMS. Interactive chapters comprehensively cover 1D0-61C certification exam objectives while TestPrep makes learning easier and more efficient. The knowledge this course provides will completely prepare candidates for the 1D0-61C exam.

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The CIW Network Technology Associate Certifications allow candidates to learn about the tasks involved with various Information Technology (IT) job roles and explore career opportunities in the IT industry.

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Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency

Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Networking Components and Standards
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Internet Services
  • Hardware and Device Connectivity
  • Network and Cloud Security Risks
  • Appendix A: CIW Web Foundations Objectives and Locations
  • Appendix B: Works Consulted
  • Appendix C: Firewall Topologies

Career opportunities

  • Graphic artists
  • Legal professional
  • Business professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Healthcare professionals