Introduction to Ayurveda

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There has been a tremendous shift in social mood labelled as Back to Basics. With that shift, recent times have witnessed a drastic surge in the interest has taken in Ayurveda. To address this rising interest, we have laboriously crafted Introduction to Ayurveda Short Certificate Course. This course is the best fit for beginners or individuals who are associated with the wellness industry. It is a good course for people who are starting their careers in Ayurveda. Ayurveda has considered the oldest healing science, and wellness professionals have a profound interest in it due to its vast scope.

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Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • English Proficiency

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Course structure and modules

Introduction to Ayurveda covers the following topics:

  • The history of Ayurveda
  • The five elements of Ayurveda
  • The three Doshas
  • Vata: The Energy of Movement
  • Pitta: The Energy of Digestion and Metabolism
  • Kapha: The Energy of Lubrication
  • Balancing your Doshas
  • The health benefits of Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine
  • Use of ayurvedic wisdom in modern life

Career opportunities

Completing Introduction to Ayurveda Short Certificate Course will help our students in various health care and wellness settings.

  • Health Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Confidence Coach
  • Positive Psychology Coach
  • Well-being Practitioner
  • Meditation and Yoga instructors