Microsoft Excel 2016

Business, Business Adminstration, Information Technology
39 Hours

Prepare for the Microsoft Excel 2016 77-727 certification exam with the Microsoft MOS 77-727 cert guide. The study guide is suitable for people at all levels of proficiency in Microsoft Excel and covers all the objectives of the MOS 77-727 exam such as creating, navigating, and formatting worksheets and workbooks; customizing options and views; inserting data in cells and ranges; summarizing and organizing data; creating tables and charts; and formatting objects.

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The Microsoft MOS 77-727 certification helps individuals exhibit their ability to apply key features of Microsoft Excel 2016, create and modify workbooks with numerous sheets, and utilize a graphic component to represent data.

Quick Application Form

Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency

Course structure and modules

  • Introducing Excel
  • Entering and Editing Worksheet Data
  • Essential Worksheet Operations
  • Working with Cells and Ranges
  • Tables, Charts, and Sparklines
  • Worksheet Formatting
  • Understanding Excel Files
  • Printing and Protecting Your Work
  • Introducing Formulas and Functions
  • Visualizing Data Using Conditional Formatting
  • Enhancing Your Work with Pictures and Drawings
  • Using Data Validation
  • Introducing Pivot Tables
  • Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis
  • Appendix A

Career opportunities

  • Data Analyst
  • Office Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Management Analyst
  • Administrative Assistant