MOS: Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 2

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Business, Business Adminstration, Information Technology
25 Hours

Prepare for the Microsoft 77-428 certification exam with the MOS Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 77-428 complete course and lab. The lab is cloud-based, device-enabled, and can be easily integrated with an LMS. Interactive chapters comprehensively cover all the objectives of the MOS 77-428 exam and provide skills to manage and share workbooks, apply custom formats and layouts, create advanced formulas, and create advanced charts and tables. The course and lab also include topics such as include custom business templates, multiple axis financial charts, and more.

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The Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 Expert certification is an industry-recognized credential. It is a standalone certification from Microsoft with the exam code 77-428.

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Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency

Course structure and modules

  • Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
  • Protecting Your Work
  • Making Your Worksheets Error Free
  • Using Custom Number Formats
  • Using and Creating Templates
  • Creating Formulas That Count and Sum
  • Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis
  • Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver
  • Creating Formulas for Financial Applications
  • Introducing Pivot Tables
  • Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Career opportunities

  • Accountants
  • Data Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Sales Professionals
  • Information Workers
  • Office Professionals
  • Commercial Bankers