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Nursing is a much sought-after and in-demand profession in today’s world. Keeping this in mind, our RPN Exam Prep Course is meticulously catering to the needs of practical nurses, both entry-level and IEN – Internationally educated nurses. To provide a comprehensive review of all the core areas of nursing to help you ace the exam. Featuring multiple choice questions and mock exams, completion of this program will ensure that students are well prepared to take the Canadian PN Registration Examination. Each year we help many students pass their RPN.

RPN Exam prep course

The first step to become RPN Nurse in Canada!

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Entry requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Age must be 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency

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Course structure and modules

Our two-level RPN Exam Prep Course is a comprehensive program with a hands-on approach that will help prepare candidates to write the RPN exam.

Level 1: Getting ready

  • Review Basic Human Anatomy
  • Recap Practical Nursing
  • Summary Psychology
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Review Physiology
  • Remedial Practical Nursing – Complex Issues and patient safety
  • Multiple Choice Questions

Level 2: Preparedness check

  • Exam Prep and strategies
  • Multiple Choice Questions test
  • Mock Exam 1
  • Remedial Class and Strategies
  • Mock Exam 2
  • BITTS Exam Prep Guide (e-book)

Career opportunities

After clearing RPN exam our students will have wide range of opportunities to work in different health care settings.

  • acute-care hospitals
  • clinics and public health units
  • community nursing agencies and services
  • homes for the aging and long-term care facilities
  • private practices
  • psychiatry
  • rehabilitation services