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Academic Pre-Requisite – I

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Academic Pre-Requisite – I

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  • Course Code: PRE-REQ-1
  • Course Type Certificate
  • Duration: 39 Hours
  • Languages: English
  • Class Days: Mon - Fri - Sat - Sun
  • Mode: Full Time and Part Time
  • International Students: Yes
  • Start Dates: Continuous


This course prepares students for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in English Language. It gives the techniques for fast and correct reading techniques including visual understanding of the contents. There will be illustrative description for writing various things like letters, essays, paragraphs etc. Student will also get complete understanding of delivering monologues, dialogues and group conversations and also the tips for better listening skills.

Career Prospects

The completion of this course will be mandatory for getting enrolled in Academic Pre-requisite–II. It will also give a good basic understanding of oral and written communication in English for living and working in Canada.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • IELTS score higher than 5.0 or at least 60 % marks in College Entrance Exam
  • For other internationally recognized language tests, contact the admissions department of the college


• Assimilating written and visual information
• Skimming, scanning and other reading and analysis skills
• Techniques in reading questions and recognizing paragraph structures
• Identifying alternative meanings and distracting information
• Understanding visual information and essay writer's views and arguments
• Vocabulary building

• Understanding visual information
• Interpreting data and statistics
• Developing and presenting arguments
• Organizing and expressing facts, opinions, arguments and supporting information
• Structuring and organizing the essay
• Describing trends and processes

• Techniques in prediction, paraphrasing and different accents
• Analyzing and understanding the types of tasks and questions
• Identifying key words, paraphrases, and distractors
• Simultaneous listening and writing
• Understanding meaning
• Listening for information and taking notes

• Giving personal and general information
• Organizing notes on a random speaking topic
• Taking part in discussions and expressing opinions
• Comparing and contrasting information
• Communicating ideas clearly
• Explaining common errors, pitfalls and intonation
• Understanding common speaking and pronunciation errors