Web Architecture

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Information Technology
January, May
2 Days

This course is about learning how to craft web sites focusing on user experience while Improving your skills for project management.Learn to site-plan, wireframe, mockup and rapidly prototype web site models that convert, monetize your knowledge by creating website plans and website projects for clients or for your own business, not only that, monetize your knowledge by creating website plans and website projects that are engaging and informative. From the big picture, all the way down to details, develop your website planning and production skills, learn about modern software and technical design methods. This course is for you if you want to improve your creative and technical skills and become a better thinker.



web develpoment course BITTS

A gateway into any profession and one of most important positions in an Organization

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Entry requirements

  • Ontario High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Physically Fit
  • Knowledge of Human Anatomy a plus

Course structure and modules

  • Questions to identify your project specs
  • A practical project with tutorials
  • How to Create a project outline
  • How to Create a site plan
  • How to Create use cases
  • How to Create an UX plan outline
  • Ideas on how to implement UX

How You Study

Career opportunities

After Successfully finishing the course student will have great knowledge regarding software and technical design methods.