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Academic Pre-Requisite – II

This course prepares students to communicate in a clear and concise manner. It also gives information on the essential documents and presentations that are required to prepare for the day to day running of commercial activities. It introduces them to the purpose, the formats, and the most effective ways of composing these documents and presentation...

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Academic Pre-Requisite – I

This course prepares students for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in English Language. It gives the techniques for fast and correct reading techniques including visual understanding of the contents. There will be illustrative description for writing various things like letters, essays, paragraphs etc. Student will also get complete und...

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Payroll and Sales Tax

This highly technical and skill-based course gives the small business owner and human resource professional an understanding of the monthly commitments of sales tax and payroll remittance. Students are introduced to the concepts, legislation, business practices and accounting treatment of payroll.

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Office Administration

This course helps students acquire knowledge and develop skills of office supply management, customer service and database management among other subjects. Students are acquainted with front office work.

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