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Our Classroom Teaching is augmented by an extensive list of online courses. There are 100’s of them and they keep getting added every week. Please send us your query to confirm of the current availability.

Casino Games Dealer Training Diploma

This course offers training and preparation for the following games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker Table Games and Pai-Gow Poker. This program is required by all casinos as this course subject will teach you the fundamentals of chip handling, rack management, payouts, player losses, game protection, proper card dealing techniques, customer service interaction scenario and many other casino specific procedures required by casinos.
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Diploma in Ayurveda

Students will learn the strategies required to complete the program successfully. There are four modules of this program, which cover a series of Ayurveda topics such as history, basic principles, philosophy, pharmacy, pathology, and clinical applications.
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Information Technology Management

Students will be introduced to a wide array of subjects to introduce them to new developments in Information Technology. The business management principles taught to them will help them easily transition into the workforce.
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Medical Office Administration

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Medical Office Administration by focusing on key areas such as Medical Data Management, Software and Medicine.
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Physiotherapy Assistant

This program prepares students with skills and knowledge to work under the guidance of a Registered Physiotherapist. The program equips graduates to provide assessment, treatment, support, interventions and discharge planning for patients in their rehabilitation and recovery.
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Office Administration

Office Administration course helps students acquire knowledge and develop skills of office supply management, customer service, and database management among other subjects. Students are acquainted with front office work.
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Business Administration

This is a Business Administration course with special emphasis on small businesses. Today’s economies are mainly run by small business owners and completing a diploma with a focus on the special components of their needs is required. These include the fundamentals of computers, language, accounting and business. Students will be exposed to advanced aspects of business theory including management and finance. Students will tie in the theoretical knowledge gained with practical training for workforce preparation. Students learn skills necessary to organize tasks, supervise people and resolve financial problems. They are trained to know the functions of finance, marketing and how human behaviour impacts the effectiveness of an organization. Students may also use the skills learnt in this program to continue into a graduate program at any institution of higher learning.
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Food Service Worker

This intensive one-semester Food Service Worker course is designed to give students concurrent theoretical and practical training on the roles and responsibilities of the Food Service Worker in a variety of food service operations. One of the fastest growing fields usually the ROI (return of investment) is within the same year.
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