Diversity @BITTS

BITTS houses students from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Social justice is thus of prime importance @BITTS. We are committed to making sure that we tackle social evils such as sexism, racism, classism, ableism and other struggles head-on and with the utmost sincerity as a community.

Our strict guidelines and meticulous policies and procedures leave no room for infractions of any kind on our campuses thus providing all students with a safe and nurturing environment where equal opportunity is provided to each and every learner. Faculty and staff receive regular training in areas of what constitutes and how to tackle injustice in the workplace and other environments.

In going beyond set guidelines, we recognize that mindsets are what compose the social environment of a space. We thus promote in our students, the idea of ownership when it comes to facing oppression like these.

  • Conscious Awareness:to be aware of surroundings and what is being said or done, and whether it is right or not, this is the first step in the direction of social justice.
  • Supporting and getting support:Our students know and recognize that it is our intrinsic duty to support fellow students and later colleagues. They are also taught that it is their right to get support when they need it the most. We at BITTS have and support a diverse community which promotes equality in all aspects of life.
  • Taking necessary action:We believe that every problem has a solution and every offence should be tackled quickly and efficiently. We do this to make sure our students feel safe and happy and are able to grow in a positive environment based on equity and meritocracy.