Financial Aid

The Institute has quite a few different ways of helping you fund your education. Please visit the college and discuss your unique situation with the financial advisory office. There are unique scholarships and joint funding programs with the Industry and the Government which we have access to. BITTS College has different payment plans to help reduce the burden of large upfront fees for eligible candidates. Financing your education is an active part of the institution as it is a part of your life. We work with multiple arrangements to help you fund your education. Please visit the college to understand the different options to pay your fees in stages if required.

LLP Plan for Canadians

Lifelong Learning Plan for Canadians is a unique program setup by the Federal Government where you can use your RESP to pay your fees and enhance your career. Please visit the college or call your Financial adviser to understand how.

Apprentice and Joint Co-op.

An Apprentice program where the student first pays for the tuition but earns back the investment within 1-2 years of working as an Apprentice guarantees a Return of Investment which is never easy to measure in Education.

HRDC and WSIB Support

The Ontario Ministry of Human Resources and Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Canada supports Ontario residents via their programs to enhance the skills of local students who qualify. Please visit your local HRDC or WSIB board and visit the college to understand how you can qualify.

Industry Scholarships

Different industries have different scholarships for students who can sign a long term employment agreement. Some even offer research positions to help bridge their R&D departments.