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Request for Cancellation or Transfer must be made via email only.

Telephone cancellation or postpone will not be accepted.

A registered candidate can request for his/her IELTS Booking Cancellation five weeks before the test date of the paper-based exam and one week before the computer-delivered exam: an 80 dollar admission fees will be deducted and refund will be processed in 2-3 weeks.

The head office must receive requests for transfer or cancellation at least five weeks before the first-choice test date. If it is less than five weeks from your test date, refunds and test date transfers will only be considered for Special Circumstances.

The following considered Special Circumstances for Test-Day transfer or refund:

  • Serious Illness— hospital admission or serious injury: accompanied by a medical note from a registered Medical Doctor.
  • Loss or Bereavement— the death of a close family member: accompanied by a death certificate helps to cancel the exam.
  • Hardship/Trauma— victim of a crime, victim of a traffic accident: accompanied by a police report.
  • Military Service— enlist: accompanied by a letter from the government.

Transfer fees is $30, Refunds may take 2–3 weeks for processing ( $80 will be deducted as an administrative fees). For all transfer or cancellation requests, please complete the following forms and email it to

If you qualify for a Special Circumstance transfer or cancellation after test day. The transfer or cancellation request must obtain no later than five working days after the test date.

Test takers who miss the timeline will NOT receive a transfer or cancellation and MUST reapply.

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