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IELTS Paper Based Test

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IELTS Paper Based Test  - The conventional way of taking your IELTS Exam

Available for both Academic and General Training.

Conventional and Comfortable

The world loves choices. With technology playing a significant role in defining our decisions today. It becomes imperative on what would be the best fit for us. This is where IELTS paper based test comes into the picture. While some prefer taking their IELTS exams on the computer, others are more comfortable taking the conventional route. This test requires test takers to sit at a desk with the question papers and answer sheets for the Reading, Listening and Writing tests. Test takers will write their answers in either pen or HB-pencils. The Speaking exam carried out face-to-face with a trained IELTS examiner. BIITS International Career College is an authorized IELTS Test Centre. You can take a test for either Academic or General Training

IELTS Paper Based Test at BITTS Testing Services?

IELTS Paper Based Test is the conventional approach for taking your IELTS Exam. At BITTS Testing Services, (part of BITTS International Career College), all the necessary stationery including pencils and erasers provided to the candidate on the exam. Additionally, the centre equipped with ultra-modern wireless headphones that help you in getting a better clarity for your Listening Exam.

The test centre has indoor waiting areas, onsite parking and well-lit exam halls. Highly trained invigilators and technical staff help you in any difficulties or queries. Digital Clock displayed during the test so that the candidates never lose track of IELTS paper based test

To register for Paper Based IELTS with us, click on the link to get all the available IELTS paper based test.

We conduct Paper Based IELTS thrice every month to give the potential candidates enough time and flexibility to prepare and practice for their exams.<?p>

Is Paper-Based IELTS Test right for you

You prefer writing to typing. Many people don’t have the desired typing skills to appear for the Computer Based IELTS. If you feel more comfortable writing than typing, IELTS paper based exam might be the right choice for you


Human Assistance

If you like a more human touch while giving your exams. Paper Based IELTS might be a more appropriate choice for you. PB-IELTS conducting in a conventional way. where our experienced staff will be handing out and collecting the question booklets, answer sheets, stationary etc. They would also be available to guide you through the process in case of any questions and concerns.

Never appeared for computer-based exams

If you have never taken tests on a computer and not used to computer-delivered testing, it would be the right choice to opt for IELTS Paper Based Test.


Paper Based IELTS results declared in 13 days from the date of your IELTS Exams.

Your test results delivered in an easy to understand Test Report Form, which will be available for pick up at the BITTS Main Campus. Online results viewed at the British Council website.