Road to IELTS

BITTS is offering ROAD TO IELTS program which is a comprehensive, completely online preparation course. This program consists of more than 300 activities, several video games, expert advice, tutorials –that is all you need to prepare for IELTS.

Progressive learning

Starting Out

Phase 1: Students can start their preparation by reading e-books or watching videos. These e-books and videos contain the vital introductory information about IELTS like the explanation of test formats, task types, assessment criteria etc.

Advice and Tutorials

Phase 2: Students can go further in their learning by watching videos of British Council experts. There are online tutorials available by these experts about a wide range of topics such as skimming techniques for reading passages, important vocabulary for writing, long turn speaking topics etc.

Practice Zone

Phase 3: This is the broadest phase for IELTS preparation with 300 activities, multiple tasks pertaining to different modules of the test. Students will put their maximum effort at this stage to enhance their skills.

Test Practice

Phase 4: During this phase, students will no longer focus on small tasks but collect the bits and pieces to form a larger picture. They will take nine mock tests to evaluate themselves.

What makes it special?

  • It is mobile-friendly: Road to IELTS program is easily accessible through mobile as it is over desktop and laptop computers.
  • Study planner: This feature is as good as having a one to one teacher. This feature will help the students to evaluate themselves, reflect on their weaker sections and plan their study time effectively.
  • Trusted content from British Council: Our content has been developed by British Council experts and it is continuously improved to reflect the standards set by the British Council.
  • Worldwide popularity: Road to IELTS program has been adopted by masses all over the world especially in libraries of UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Demo sessions are available for both, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.