International Student Transfer


And experience the ocean of endless opportunities BITTS College has to offer, which can give wings to your dreams. With us you will learn the craft that makes you stand out, while making a transition to the professional world.

BITTS International college is registered with Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in Ontario as a Private Career College since 2007, the College provides Diploma and Certification courses at all its campuses.

The diplomas and certifications available at BITTS International college accompanied with industrial tie-ups with businesses, aid the student in landing their dream jobs in the fields of office administration, business administration, medical office administration, Information Technology, Physiotherapy and others.

BITTS International is the only private career college in Ontario with a Research and Development department working on multiple research and development projects for industries all around the world. With each passing day BITTS is making contributions in the field of research, learning, knowledge transfer and engagement.

Apart from the major diplomas, BITTS International College also offers some short courses and certifications which you can do during your study period with us, it will be an appealing enhancement to your resume.


The fee at BITTS for international students is way lower than most colleges. Remember a penny saved is penny earned….?

  • Students can choose from vast range of courses designed to suit the interest of candidate, thereby leading to a successful career path.
  • The courses are designed to provide the students with hands-on skills to become job-ready for Canadian job market.
  • Career Services at BITTS will provide you with services such as
  • Resume preparation,
  • Interview practice and
  • Various seminars to help students build a professional network in their field of study.
  • The small class size makes each class more special due to more interactive and experiential discussions.
  • Our instructors are highly skilled industry experts.
  • BITTS provide a choice of location between Mississauga and North York. Both the locations are easily accessible by public transit.


Student Career Services at BITTS

  • Frequent Career counselling sessions are organized to analyze skills, traits and progress of a student to provide expert advice on career dilemmas.
  • Skill workshops are arranged to hone the professional skills.
  • Seminars and webinars are often held which equip the students with public speaking skills and boost their confidence levels.
  • Resume and interview services are provided which enables a student to stand out in the line ups for a job. Each resume is carefully reviewed by our experts and recommendations are made, thereby students can best represent themselves through a piece of writing.
  • Capitalizing on our network of associations and industrial tie-ups, BITTS organizes career fairs where student can grab great job offers.
  • Alumni meet ups are held every year, where current students can take guidance from their seniors in the field. These meetups have oftentimes resulted into useful references for job search.

With BITTS you will never miss the boat….


If you are enticed by the programs at BITTS College and wish to change your college but it seems like a herculean task. Cheer up! It is as easy as smiling.

  • So, take some time out and visit the campus at 7420 Airport Road, Mississauga, Unit 209.
  • Meet the Admissions Department Representative to get the best advice on the choice of course.
  • After careful consideration of your options, you can submit the required documents and get your Letter of Acceptance after paying $500/- as application fee.
  • After that you can reach out to the other college and ask for a withdraw form after handing over the BITTS offer letter to them.

Moreover, BITTS Support will always be there to help you.


As of now, you know the process to make the transfer and have plenty of reasons to do so. It is time to take the giant leap….

Therefore, visit the BITTS website (, go through the various courses available, and shortlist the courses you would like to discuss with Admissions Department Representative before making a final choice.