LifeSkills Matrix

BITTS is a private career college that focuses on improvement in the quality of life for all its students. We are in the business of building careers, however we acknowledge the importance of life and encourage a healthy work-life balance. We equip our students with the basic life skills and tools that will help them successfully manage their money, time and choices.

To demonstrate and put into numbers, our dedication to bring about a heightened sense of improvement in the overall life experience of students we have developed life-skills matrix. This matrix is a tool to help students assess, develop and monitor the skills their courses will aim to provide. Each course is graded and provided with an optimal life-skills score. The system of analysis we have developed, following strict standards and rigorous guidelines. This is a transparent method of evaluating the value added to the life of a student by enrolling in one of our carefully crafted courses. We deliver education that quantifies the improvements it aims to achieve.

A student scores themselves on the day of enrollment and take that as a baseline to measure value added and return on the investment they undertaken in terms of education and professional development.