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Education is about Knowledge Gain

Education should not be measured in the form of Degrees, Certifications or Diplomas. It has to be measured in the knowledge gain that is achieved by reading, listening, practicing and sharing. We measure our courses against an internal scoring..


TIUOC offers online MBA for its students. Complete online course is supplemented by our Tutorials which are held at our campuses for students who are interested. There are some scholarships offered as well for these students based on our evalu..

International Applications

The month of July is usually busy in applying for all the courses as the visa processing takes atleast 6 weeks. The application approval from the Admissions team takes just 72 hours to complete. There will be weekly sessions online to directly..

York Campus

The York Campus at 2 Rosemount Avenue, York , ON is now operational with Esthetics related courses being offered. The campus will be fully dedicated towards esthetics with other courses offered as well. The facility has a fully functional spa ..

July Semester

The new July Semester starts on July 9th, 2018. Admissions are still available for a limited time. Please send an email to for information about application and transfers to our college.