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Why Office Administration Course?

Whenever we walk into an office the first person, we meet is the receptionist. They smile and greet you set the tone for the best experience you are about to have. They also run the show behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly, if a career in office administration excites you check out the Office Administration course at Bitts International Career College, which offers highly useful and transferable skills which are in high demand.

As part of your one-year office administration graduate certificate, you’ll learn how to communicate efficiently, prepare reports and presentations, as well as general accounting and customer service skills. Our office administration course prepares students to become the competent professional managers rely on by offering the latest office computer technology and teaching them how to best use your organizational and communication skills to communicate with co-workers, managers, clients and customers.

office administration course diploma bitts

Our course offer is a cost effective and flexible on schedule which will help working professionals develop their skills and new grads to develop their career in the field of general office management. Due to recent event of COVID-19 the world has changed rapidly, and different situations have emerged. All the offices are now in home on our laptops and traditional offices are shutdown. This is where the role of an office administrator become more important.

They need to co-ordinate meeting and facilitate work online using different software such as MS Team, TeamViewer, and WebEx etc. Our course at BITTS will educate you with all the latest office management software and virtual working systems.

So please check our college website and we will be happy to help you embark your journey. If you have any questions or query pleases send an email