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There is a cycle of 6 semesters in a year for intakes. This helps in meeting today’s requirement for flexibility in the schedule of individuals. The domestic students can be enrolled in an open enrollment process throughout the year.

There are 6 main semester schedules which run during the year. The academic calendar for the 2018-19 year is as follows:

November Semester

Start Date 5th November, 2018

End Date 22nd February, 2019

March Semester

Start Date 4th March, 2019

End Date 21st June, 2019

July Semester

Start Date 8th July, 2019

End Date 25th October, 2019

January Semester

Start Date 7th January, 2019

End Date 26th April, 2019

May Semester

Start Date 6th May, 2019

End Date 23rd August, 2019

September Semester

Start Date 9th September, 2019

End Date 20th December, 2019