Skimming, Scanning and Efficient Reading IELTS Reading Test

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Most people believe that reading test is the most difficult part in IELTS.  It is true that, you have read the texts really fast and reading needs lot of concentration. Simultaneously, you do need to keep track of time.

Here are few things you can practice doing, to do better in your IELTS reading test!


Read the first full paragraph and first sentences (known as topic sentence) of each paragraph. Skimming helps to answer what the text is about and how the text is organized. You should be able to know where to find answers for each question.


Move your eyes up and down around the page to look for information. Identify keywords that might be important. Scanning helps to find a section quickly in the text.

Efficient Reading

Reading the whole text word by word to understand and evaluate in depth. This helps you answer questions related to the writer’s opinion, gist and summary of the text or paragraphs/sections.

Exercise these methods in your regular reading and practice for the IELTS! Let us know if this helped you!