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Tution and Fees

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There different processes and fees as per the type of student. The process applicable for a students case depends of different details like Course Type, Residence Status, Financing Plan.

BITTS makes it convenient to pay your fees and other charges with multiple options.

Payment Methods

In Person:
  • Canadian Cheque
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Debit
  • Cash
  • Money order or Certified cheque (by a financial institution)

Bank Transfer:

You can transfer your fees and other dues via bank transfer to the following account

Complete Name: BITTS International Career College

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada


Bank Address: 1881 Steeles Ave W-Unit 16, Toronto, ON M3H 5Y4

Bank Account Number: 00157-1020833

Bank Transit Number: 000300157


We are happy to partner with Western Union for a special service to provide multi-currency payment options by visiting this link

Paid by visiting the Main Campus at

7420 Airport Road, Suite 209,

Mississauga, ON L4T 4E5

It is the student’s responsibility to make adequate preparations to finance their education and to have funds available to pay fees by the due date as stated on the Student Fees Invoice.

Fees are due by the payment due date indicated on your invoice(s)/enrollment contract. Payments received after the due date will be assessed the late fee. A student is considered registered and a place is guaranteed in the program if: the mandatory deposit has been paid and fees are paid by the due date or the College has received authorization from an agency paying fees on the student’s behalf (i.e. WSIB).
Tuition Fee Payment Default

In the event that the student fails to comply with his/her tuition fee due date, BITTS has the right to apply late fees, deny release of academic information (transcript), place the student on a financial hold, refuse future and or deny program/course registration, and/or forward the outstanding fee information to a collection agency.

A student will be considered in default and not in good financial standing when the payment due date is not adhered to.

Fees Office will apply a late fee to all outstanding accounts/payments received after the due date.
Fees Office will notify students regarding outstanding fees.
If account continues to remains unsettled, the account information will be forwarded to Finance Office for further action.
A financial hold is placed on student’s record which will not allow registration and/or achievement information to be released.
The account is forwarded to a collection agency.